An exuberant festive season with orchids

This year we are doing things completely differently, and we are going all-out. The festive season is the ultimate pleasurable part of the winter. And even more so if your interior enhances the Christmas atmosphere. How do you do this? Be dazzled by orchids! Thanks to their versatility and luxurious appearance, Christmas has never been so atmospheric. Be inspired…

Atmospheric prints, warm colours and lush greenery
The dark, chilly days call for warm colours, luxurious prints, details and lush greenery to carry you away. Orchids adapt perfectly to this atmosphere and each different variety can add the finishing touches to any occasion or space.
The lush Cymbidium and Cattleya create a fabulous feeling and fill every empty space perfectly. Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium and Paphiopedilum shine majestically on tables and complete the look.
Vanda sways festively in every corner and cupboard and pouts with its colourful flowers and aerial roots. The delicate flowers of Cambria, Oncidium and other special varieties take care of the details and fit beautifully anywhere, even by the Christmas tree!

Do it yourself!
Together they make the holidays unforgettable and provide that finishing touch.
To make it even more fun, we’ve come up with 4 festive DIY ideas that you can easily make during the festive season (or any other occasion). These can be used to make the table, gifts or your living/dining room even more beautiful.

We have a beautiful bell jar filled with twigs, greenery and the impressive Paphiopedilum. We have also made a modern version of the Christmas decoration from the most beautiful green plants combined with Phalaenopsis as a radiant centrepiece.

To give table decorations a twist, we have created a DIY project with mugs filled with mini Phalaenopsis and a real gold name card to make everyone’s table setting extra special. To top it all off, we have gift wrapped presents with luxury paper and finished them off with flowers from various orchids. Which one of these ideas are you going to make at home? Or will you make all four of them?

Thanks to: Home Stock Rotterdam, HAY Rotterdam

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