DIY: Orchid arrangement

Have you ever thought about it? Christmas is all about plants: The Christmas tree, Christmas decorations, mistletoe above the door and Christmas wreaths with pinecones, holly and eucalyptus. But if you are looking for something different then we have created something very special for you: an impressive plant arrangement with orchids that you can make yourself with Phalaenopsis as the radiant centrepiece! How do you make it? You can read about it here or in the video. 

Items needed for your orchid arrangement:

  • Potting soil
  • Flowerpot
  • Trowel
  • 2 mini Tillandsias Cyanea
  • 2 Bromeliads
  • 2 Phalaenopsis
  • 2 smaller Phalaenopsis
  • 1 Medinilla
  • 3 Codiaeums
  • Branches


Step by step DIY flower arrangement:

Step 1: Half-fill a large pot with potting soil.
Step 2: Remove the plastic pots from the plants and immerse them in a bowl of water.
Step 3: Distribute the plants diagonally across the pot.
Step 4: Press them down firmly with some extra potting soil.
Step 5: Distribute the plants until the pot is nicely filled, leave some space in the middle for the orchids.
Step 6: Place the orchids in the centre of the pot. Make sure that a little orchid soil remains between the roots.
Step 7: Place the mini-orchids on the edge of the pot and drape some of the roots over the edge.
Step 8: Water the arrangement if the soil feels dry or the plants start to droop.

step by step flower arrangement

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