International Day of the Orchid 2015

Day of the Orchid 2015

During the annual International Day of the Orchid the plant – in all its beauty and versatility – stands in the spotlight, with every year a new program for this day.

This year the Route of the Orchid is organized in the heart of Amsterdam, London, Paris and Cologne on Thursday the 3rd of September. An inspiring route, along which several locations in the area of fashion, interior, beauty, lifestyle, design, art and/or hospitality bring a tribute to the orchid. For all these areas the orchid is known as a style icon and a source of inspiration.

During one day visitors of the locations – at walking distance from each other – are welcome to get to know and admire the many kinds of orchids – which are beautifully and abundantly present – in very special ways. On top of this activities will take place at the locations that are all inspired by the orchid. For more information and the complete program and route check and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of Orchids Info. Join the conversation using #DayoftheOrchid

Join us at the Route of the Orchid and get inspired by the world of the orchid. The first visitors at every location receive a free orchid!

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