How to brighten up your hallway with orchids

The first thing you see when you enter your home is the hallway, and the same goes for your guests. Yet, it’s a space that often gets overlooked when it comes to decorating. But that makes it one of the most impactful spaces to transform! And that transformation doesn’t have to be grand, because a hallway can easily be brightened up with a few orchids. Read on for some inspiration!

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Brighten up your hallway with orchids

One of the greatest advantages of decorating with orchids is the variety of types and colours. Whether you opt for a classic white Phalaenopsis, a stylish Cambria or another exotic species like Vanda: there’s always an orchid that suits your style.

An easy way to integrate orchids into your hallway is by placing them on a sideboard. Choose a stylish plant pot that complements the decor of the rest of the house, and place one or more orchids on it. This instantly brightens up the space!


Nooit meer een saaie hal met orchideeën


If you don’t have much space in the hallway, consider placing a small side table or plant stand with an orchid. Adding a mirror here makes the space appear larger, brighter, and gives the illusion of more plants. A win-win situation!



Is your hallway too narrow to place anything? Work vertically and hang several orchids with plant hangers! By hanging the plants at different heights, the wall appears more playful and taller, which is perfect for creating a spacious feeling in a narrow hallway.


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