How to ensure your orchids survive your holiday

Yes, it’s finally summer! Time for a holiday. But leaving your orchids at home can be worrisome, because you don’t want to return to dead plants. Fortunately, there are ways to keep them healthy while you’re away – even without a plant sitter. Read on for three tips to ensure your orchids survive your holiday!


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How to ensure your orchids survive your holiday

Read below for three things you should do before going on holiday, to leave your orchids in the best possible condition.


1. Give your plants a refresh

Before leaving, give your orchids a refresh. Remove dead leaves and flowers to reduce energy and water consumption. This helps keep the plant in better condition during your absence.



2. Place them in the best spot

Position your orchids a few feet away from the window or partially close the curtains. This prevents them from getting direct sunlight, which can dry them out too quickly. A spot with indirect sunlight is ideal to ensure they get enough light without the risk of damage.


3. Use a self-watering system

Water your orchids thoroughly using the bathing method. This ensures they have enough water for the first few days. For the remaining days, use a self-watering system, such as a water wick. Through the wick, the plant can absorb water as needed. You can also make this yourself. You can see how in this video:


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