Addy van den Krommenacker

Flowers and plants are frequent elements in my designs. Every year I select striking flower prints, which I use as recurring themes in the fabric with which I work. My design preferences fit seamlessly with my choices in ‘real life’.

I have been in love with orchids all my life. Now I have used them in a collection for the 140 Steps shops. Before I decided to lend my name to this project, I gave the idea a lot of thought. My two fashion companies form the basis of my work, along with several exclusive ‘prêt a porter’ shops abroad. However, collaboration with such a large fashion chain is a great way to do something for a broader public.

People are familiar with my work through shows, from the red carpet and the bridal gowns that I design for celebrities and performing artists. My throng of fans is growing rapidly, with increasing numbers of people who find my dresses beautiful. I get a lot of e-mail. That kind of response is just great – a welcome compliment. It’s nice to be appreciated by people who wear them.

I have designed over 30 creations for Steps, including several dresses with huge prints of orchids. What was fun about this collaboration is that you do it together with an entire team. For me that was a bit of a luxury. I make the design, then the team goes ahead and looks for fabrics and samples, which I then get to see and fine-tune before the team takes over again.

Fashion is my life – from early in the morning to late at night. It’s hard work, but you don’t notice it because you really enjoy doing it. I have been in fashion for 30 years, but I’ve only been designing for the last 10. In that sense, my career is rather exceptional. I’m a late starter. Sort of like an orchid!’

Addy van den Krommenacker
Fashion Designer

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