Care for an orchid

An easy houseplant to take care of

Have you ever wondered how much water an orchid gets? What is the best spot in the house? And how much nutrition does an orchid actually get? The biggest misconception is that orchids are difficult to care for, when in fact they are so easy! With a little extra attention, you can enjoy your orchid for years to come. Although not all of the thousands of different orchid varieties are happy with the same care, there are some general tips that will make most orchids happy. The following guidelines will go a long way. When you buy your orchid, ask if there are any specific tips!

Orchids love:

  • A light place
  • Room temperatures of min. 15 to max. 25 ° C
  • (Orchid) nutrition 1x per month


Orchids do not like:

  • Wet feet
  • Draft
  • Full and direct sunlight
  • The central heating or stove nearby


Tips on watering your orchid

An orchid likes to be submerged in the water once a week for a short time (5-10 minutes). The water must drain after immersion.


Orchid care tips per orchid:

– Cambria-like
– Cattleya
– Dendrobium
– Dendrobium Nobilé
– Miltonia
– Oncidium
– Paphiopedilum
– Phalaenopsis
– Vanda 
– Zygopetalum


Want to know more detailed care tips? Check out the orchid care guide.

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