An orchid for every room!

Where are the orchids in your house? Not just on the windowsill, are they? The versatile orchid can easily brighten up any room and there is a perfect orchid for every room. Orchids provide fresh air, a great atmosphere and a good dose of happiness in every room of the house! There are plenty of ways to use vibrant looking orchids all over the place to decorate your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and even the hall.  The ultimate finishing touch for every interior!

Like many plants, orchids also provide oxygen in the bedroom. And you can decorate a festive table with orchids. It’s not a boring plant for Grandma! Where are you going to put it at home? Let us give you some inspiration.

Orchids in the bedroom

Extra oxygen, a bit of colour and some calm? The orchid is the plant for you! Orchid enjoy being the often-cooler bedroom!



Orchids in the bathroom

Put your plants in the bathroom! Why? The golden rule for almost all plants is that you should try to recreate their original climate. That is why cacti, which grow in the desert, love dry potting soil. And orchids come from the tropics, which means that they like to live in humid environments. Put your plant in the bathroom and you no longer have to think about soaking it every week. If there are no windows in the bathroom, then you should put it somewhere where it will get indirect sunlight.


Orchids in the living room

Don’t just keep orchids on the windowsill. You can also put them on the coffee table, the cupboard or next to the sofa perhaps? Whether you like an industrial, romantic or simple look, there is an orchid for every living room. Which type suits your living style the best?



The kitchen and dining table

Orchids like to steal the show at the table! Choose a simple base and style with your favourite orchids. Combine low plants and tall plants to give more life to the overall look. Perfect for the holidays or that special dinner with friends and family. And after dinner, you just leave them where they are. You can give the kitchen a little more colour with a cheerful orchid on the counter. Watering has never been so easy.


Orchids in the corridor

Are you finally getting to grips with the messy hall? Create a calm place with plants and orchids. So coming home is a moment of pure happiness!


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