Ashley James is the new ambassador of orchids

Ashley James is thrilled to be the UK ambassador of the orchid. With her cheerful personality and her passion for orchids she is eager to show everybody how orchids can make you happier. Throughout the year she will also inspire all of us about the many faces of the plant. More than 25,000 faces to be specific, because that’s how many species of orchids exist. With so many different orchids available, you can imagine there is an orchid for every personality, every social occasion and every interior.

Favourite orchids of Ashley James
Ashley can remember having a fondness for the orchid since the age of eight and out of the 25,000 species; she has managed to choose her three favorites:

  • Dendrobium – The name is from the Greek dendron (“tree”) and bios (“life”); it means “one who lives on trees”, or, essentially, “epiphyte”.
  • Cymbidium – Or ‘boat orchid’ to some. The new Latin genus name is derived from the Latin cymba meaning boat.
  • Phalaenopsis – Also known as moth orchids, and the most popular orchid.

Show who you are
Ashley James is this year’s ambassador of the new European Union co-funded 3 year campaign called ‘We feel better around orchids: show who you  are’. Basic thought behind the campaign is the fact that orchids show who you are: there are so many species of orchids that there is an orchid for every personality, every social occasion and every interior. On several social platforms and occasions – for example during the International Day of the Orchid on Thursday the 1st of September – Ashley will show the versatility of the orchid.

About Ashley James
As well as building a successful acting career, Ashley is an international model with agencies in Istanbul, Milan and London. Throughout her modelling career she has been the face of many well-known brands.

About the campaign ‘We feel better around orchids’
This material is produced originally on behalf of a program which is co-financed by the European Union between 2016-2018.

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