An easy plant

The biggest misunderstanding is that the orchid is difficult to care for. She is just that easy! With a little extra attention you can enjoy your orchid for a long time. And of course the thousands of different types of orchids do not all shine with the same care. Yet there are some general tips that make most orchids happy. With the guidelines below you can go a long way. Ask when purchasing whether there are specific tips!

Orchids love:

  • a light place
  • Room temperatures of min. 15 to max. 25 ° C
  • (Orchid) nutrition 1x per month

Orchids do not like:

  • wet feet
  • tour
  • full and direct sunlight
  • the central heating or stove nearby

Give tips for watering

An orchid likes to be submerged in the water once a week for a short time (5-10 minutes). The water must drain after immersion.