Cymbidium Cali Night is the most beautiful

Winner Orchid of the Year Competition Announced!

Cymbidium Cali Night is the most beautiful

With extensive voting on Facebook, following three preliminary rounds and an exciting finale, you made your choice. The Cymbidium Cali Night from grower OrchiDiva was crowned ‘Orchid of the year’. The unique, fabulously dark – almost black —  colour of its blossom highlights its beauty. Take a close look at the white rim along the outside of the flower. It accentuates the colour even more. A true champion!

But don’t forget the runner-up. Following an exciting race, you chose the Phalaenopsis Twist from grower SoNatural as number two. Its twisted shape and marvellously clear floral pattern adds to its uniqueness. A blooming good number two.

The other finalists were:
·         Vanda Sunanda ‘Moonlight Blue’ from grower Anco Pure Vanda
·         Phalaenopsis Little Kolibri Orchids ‘Morelia’ from grower OK Plant
·         Phalaenopsis ‘Royal Pink’ from grower VG Orchids
·         Phalaenopsis ‘Purple Rain’ from grower Sion

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