Orchid in the leading role

The matchless international show by Yuri Verbeek, Pim van den Akker and Aziz Bekkaoui in the Prinsenhof in Delft on 15 November was the manifestation of the ultimate total experience in which food, floral and fashion played the leading role (www.foodfloralfashion.com). This top class inspirational performance involved not just 13 extraordinary creations on the catwalk, but also 13 matching amuse-bouches. What the eyes saw was reinforced by simultaneously tasting. There was a special concept behind each creation and combination which had been worked out to the finest detail.

One of the creations was entirely inspired by the Orchid.

The theme of Asia is at the heart of this dress. The design of the dress, with matching collar, was inspired by the old Japanese samurai warriors. The bodice is made of crushed tree moss and extends like a suit of armour. The collar made from lotus leaves offers protection. The orchids which decorate the creations also represent Asia, where this giant amongst flowers probably originated. For the accompanying amuse-bouche, vanilla water in diamond form was selected, since vanilla comes from the pods of the vanilla orchid. By serving the diamond on Vanavo Leaves, an edible orchid, all the senses are optimally stimulated.

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