Orchid show on unprecedented scale at the Keukenhof

The 68th edition of the Keukenhof got underway in Lisse on 23 March 2017, and one of the highlights is the orchid show in the Beatrix Pavilion. There are hundreds of orchids on display in all colours, shapes and sizes. The theme is “Dutch Design”, which fits perfectly with the orchid because this plant is a true style icon.

Orchids as source of inspiration
For Dutch designers, the orchid is a source of inspiration. The elegant Orchid Shoes from shoe designer Jan Jansen are exhibited in a life-size window display alongside orchids in matching rich colours.


The Orchid Twister from interior designer François Hannes is also on show. This is a unique interior accessory which is designed to let the orchids shine. The Orchid Basket from Roderick Vos combines different kinds of white orchids, proving that simplicity is a thing of beauty.


Extensive orchid family
The Orchid Cloud is eye-catching and perfect for photo opportunities. The extensive family of orchids are placed in unique 3D printed pots and displayed together on a mirrored stage. You can admire these exotic orchids for eight weeks at the Keukenhof.

And … do you want to know which one of these beautiful plants suits you best? No problem! Just take a short, fun test on iPads in the pavilion to discover the “orchid for you”.


The Keukenhof closes its doors on 21 May 2017. By then around a million visitors from all over the world will have visited this unique flower and plant show.


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