Zygopetalum originates from South America. In the wild this orchid grown on tree trunks and rocks in damp surroundings.

Buying a Zygopetalum

Zygopetalum is an unusual orchid and therefore only available from the better florists and garden centres. They are available all year round in various flower sizes, ranging from two to ten centimetres. A new shoot forms a new branch on which at least three flowers will appear. Zygopetalum is available in blue, red, purple and white shades. Some Zygopetalum cultivars can produce a delightful scent during flowering.

Care for a Zygopetalum

Place the plant in a sunny spot, but not in direct sunlight. The ideal temperature is between 16 and 22 ˚C. Flowering lasts about six weeks. The Zygopetalum should be kept nice and damp. You should therefore water the plant at least once a week in summer and winter. Make sure that the plant’s roots do not stand in water. Remove all the residual water from the outer pot after watering. Give the plant orchid food once a month in order to achieve optimum growth and flowering.

The plant can be placed outdoors in the shade during the growing phase in the summer. After flowering Zygopetalum should preferably be placed in a cooler spot, but still in the light (not in full sun). The plant will then produce new shoots, from which new flower branches will emerge. When there are new flowers on the plant it can be returned to the living room. Continue to feed once a month. Cut off the branch with exhausted flowers at the bottom of the flower stem after flowering.

Care for a Zygopetalum after flowering

You can repot the plant after two to three years immediately after flowering. The plant can be split into two or three new plants. This increases the likelihood of new shoots. Use orchid soil for potting the plants. If it’s treated well the plant will produce new shoots from which new branches emerge. The Zygopetalum can easily flower several times a year. Keep the support and clip after flowering for the next flower stem.

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