What is your favourite colour this Christmas?

What is your favourite colour this Christmas?

The best holidays at the end of the year are Christmas! Happy times, family and delicious food. Beautiful things and accessories give your home a festive atmosphere. Then there’s the typical green atmosphere creators, such as luxurious-looking orchids in a whole host of warm colours.
What are the Christmas trends this year? What colours will we see on the Christmas tree? And what accessories and plants can you use to bring Christmas 2015 into your home? Read about the trends and allow yourself to be inspired.

Winter stroll

A wonderful thing to do during the Christmas holidays is take a wintry stroll through the countryside. Bring this natural atmosphere into your home with wooden accessories and a colourful blend of natural materials. Bring the feel of the outdoors, indoors. It’s mainly warm, wintry colours that do this: yellow, purple and blue. Look for a purple Paphiopedilum or a Cymbidium in a shade of brown. An orchid in its natural form looks totally hot next to the wooden Christmas tree, creating an extra natural look!

Scandinavian robustness

It’s not so long ago that Scandinavian robustness blew over with a fresh wind from the far north – a trend that creates a warm look in the home. Hints of denim, copper and ochre yellow blend in with natural and robust materials perfectly. Choose a robust Christmas with copper bells in your tree, for example. Allow the colours blue and ochre yellow to re-emerge in your orchids.

Romantic pastel

Experience the romantic atmosphere this Christmas. Pastel colours and geometric shapes form the basis of this trend. Silver highlights and sparkling glitters create a festive feel. You can extend this charming, romantic atmosphere through to your Christmas tree. Combine it with different soft shades of orchids, such as a soft pink Phalaenopsis, otherwise known as a butterfly orchid. It is wonderful to come home to this romantic atmosphere.

Magical glamour

The days are shorter. Announce the magical time around Christmas. Luxurious materials with a golden glow give your house a chic look. A bit of silver, glitters and the correct lighting bring magical glamour to your home. To top this all off in a chic manner, just add the queen of plants: the orchid. Pure white in a gold and silver pot. Or even a ‘red’ variety of orchid. Don’t hold back this Christmas!

Source: www.wonenonline.nl

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