Your orchid in peak condition!

Do you find it hard to wait for the next flowering period of your orchid? Extend the flowering time of your orchids by taking good care of them with the right plant food.

To keep your orchid in great shape, you only use the best care materials, of course. Pokon specialises in orchids. Not only is it easy to take care of orchid but you can also be sure that they will get the best possible nutrition and attention.


Orchid potting compost:
Orchid potting compost is suitable for all types of orchids. Orchids in the wild often grow with their roots in the air, so when the roots are in the soil they can quickly turn brown or rot away. It is therefore important to have proper water management of the soil and an open soil structure.  Orchid potting compost consists of the best and highest quality raw materials such as bark chips and peat moss. And they also contain sufficient nutrition.
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Orchid nutrition:
Your orchid will flower even more profusely when you feed it with special orchid food. This food contains essential nutrients and a rich mix of trace elements that will keep your orchid nice and healthy. In addition, your houseplant will become strong and healthy thanks to extra humus extracts and a 100% vegetable biostimulant. This allows your orchid to absorb the nutrients better. Magnesium and iron ensure that the green colour of the leaves will be even more intense!
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Orchid power spray:
Power spray is a nourishing spray for orchids. By spraying the special nutrition on the orchid leaves, the plant will become visibly more vibrant. Not only will the green leaf get an extra healthy green shine, but its flowering power will also increase.
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