A warm winter with long-lasting colourful orchids

Turn your home into a winter wonderland by styling orchids to match this season. With their long-lasting flowering and various colours and shapes, orchids are perfect for creating a cosy ambiance during the colder months. We will show you how to style these long-lasting bloomers in a way that suits winter ambience and current interior trends. To sum up, a warm winter with long-lasting and colourful orchids.


Long-lasting colour and elegance

Orchids, known for their resilience, are ideal roommates during the winter season. Their longevity ensures that your efforts to style them won’t go unnoticed and provides a lasting boost of colour and elegance.



Festive vibes

When choosing orchids to suit winter and the festive season, consider varieties with rich, deep hues such as burgundy, deep purple and brown. These colours not only suit the festive spirit but also add warmth to your interiors. Choose orchid arrangements that evoke a cosy atmosphere and fit perfectly with current plant trends.

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Foto: Mooiwatplantendoen.nl



To capitalise on the other interior design trends, you can choose minimalist pots or rustic pottery to put your orchids in. By mixing and matching different orchid varieties in one arrangement, you create an eye-catcher that suits the style that is currently trendy.



Care tips

To make sure your orchids stay beautiful for a long time, take good care of them. Here are some tips:

  • Proper lighting: orchids like plenty of light, without direct sunlight. As the winter months are darker, it is wise to put them closer to a window.
  • Sufficient water: avoid overwatering; orchids generally prefer a weekly watering schedule. You can tell by the roots whether orchids need water. Grey roots mean they need water, green roots mean they have enough water.
  • Ideal temperature: orchids like temperatures between 15-24°C. Protect them from draughts and sudden temperature changes.



With these care tips and styling suggestions, you can transform your interior into a winter oasis, with orchids as the centrepiece of elegance and natural beauty. Enjoy the magic of winter in your home with these timeless long bloomers.


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