How to incorporate orchids according to the latest interior trends

New year, new home! Ready to make some adjustments to your interior but don’t have the time, budget, or desire for a major makeover? In this article, we’ll show you how to incorporate orchids according to the latest interior trends!

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How to incorporate orchids according to the latest interior trends

Trend colour: Sweet Embrace

The trend colour we’ll be seeing a lot of next year is Sweet Embrace. Dulux has declared this as the Colour of the Year 2024. It’s a gentle blossom pink that is welcoming and brings a sense of peace and softness to a space. An easy way to add this colour to your interior is through orchids. This allows you to introduce a pop of colour, without immediately painting an entire wall in this shade.

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Trend: Curved Lines

The Curved Lines trend revolves around round shapes. Think of the round and oval dining tables that we saw a lot of in 2023. In 2024, we’re taking it a step further with even more organic shapes. Imagine a table with a top in various winding forms that seamlessly flow into the legs. Or a curved sofa, a rug in shapes other than straight lines, or start small with a plant pot in organic forms, housing an orchid in a natural hue.


Stijltrends 2024: Gentle Paradox


Trend: Soft Seventies

The Soft Seventies trend takes us back to the Seventies, a vibrant decade where fabrics and patterns were all about going wild. In 2024, we leave behind the busy prints and instead embrace velvet fabrics, vertical wooden slats, large and comfortable furniture pieces, and funky shapes that add a twist to your interior. The colour palette consists of greens like olive, shades of purple, and caramel. A colour combination that you can easily bring into your home with orchids!


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