DIY: Orchid place cards

Who sits where this Christmas? We have created a DIY idea especially for the table; mugs filled with mini Phalaenopsis and a real gold name tag to make everyone’s place setting extra special. Fancy having a crafty afternoon? Then follow the steps below or watch the video.

Items needed:

  • Mini orchid
  • Mugs
  • Orchid potting soil
  • Bowl of water to immerse your orchid
  • Beautiful thick paper
  • Printer and nice font (or handwritten)
  • Scissors
  • Satay stick
  • Glue / Pritt stick
  • Tassel
  • Gold foil
  • Gold foil glue

Step 1: Fill the jars or mugs with orchid potting soil.
Step 2: Remove the plastic pot from the orchid and immerse it in a bowl of water.
Step 3: Place the orchid in the jar and press it down with orchid potting soil.
Step 4: Distribute a few strands of Tillandsia or moss across the pot to fill it up.
Step 5: Write or print the guests’ names on a rectangular piece of paper. Make sure you can fold the paper around a skewer and secure it like a flag.
Step 6: Cut a triangle off the corner of the flag that you’ve made.
Step 7: Spread a little glue on the end of the flag with a brush and apply the gold leaf.
Step 8: Brush over the gold foil so that only the tip of the flag remains gold and the rest of the gold foil comes off.
Step 9: Insert your name flag in the pot with the orchid.

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