Valentine’s recipe: an orchid bouquet

Of course, you can surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day with an original do-it-yourself like scented sticks with Cambria, or even more fun: a kokedama with special orchids. But do you want to put your Valentine in the spotlight? Then surprise them with an orchid bouquet: flowers that last for months! If that’s not eternal love!


A bouquet of happiness

With the orchid, you not only bring a stylish addition into your home; you also experience a moment of happiness from nature. That orchids make people happy is proven by consumer research, with the orchid once again reaching the top spot in the list of houseplants that promote happiness. For some because of the beautiful addition in the interior, for others, it is in the long shelf life or getting the orchid to bloom again.



Months of flowering

The orchid is known as the queen of the plant kingdom. And did you know that the flowering period of orchids lasts longer than most other types of flowering plants? Phalaenopsis – the best-known orchid – easily bloom for eight weeks to months. Paphiopedilums are also sometimes called venus slippers (in English lady slipper or slipper orchid) bloom for six to 10 weeks. The average flowering time of Cambria orchids is six weeks.

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The meaning of orchids

Since ancient times, flowers and plants have been used to make something clear to others. In the Middle Ages, but also in times before, great value was placed on symbolism. In Europe, the orchid is known for its beauty, richness and power.

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