How to create an orchid jungle

Fortunately, the time of only one plant in the windowsill is over. When it comes to plants, ‘the more the better’ applies. And that’s why we’re creating an orchid jungle! A collection of multiple species, that create a burst of colour in the heart of your lush green home! Read on to get inspired.

Create an orchid jungle

In an orchid jungle, the best-looking orchids are grouped together. It’s ideal for homes with little or no outdoor space. This way you simply bring nature inside! And you can go in all directions. Opt for one colour or species, or mix and match different ones. Bundle a few together into one large pot, or style several plants next to one another. And by working with different heights, you can create a playful effect. For example, by using a wooden stool, the windowsill and a plant hanger.

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Zo creëer je een orchideeënjungle


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