How to bring natural design into your interior this autumn

Now that summer is over, we’re spending more time indoors again. And that’s the perfect excuse to give your interior a touch-up! In this article, we’ll show you how to incorporate the orchid as natural design in your interior. Did you know that orchids also come in beautiful autumn shades? From brown to red and from purple to orange. Keep reading for inspiration!

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How to bring natural design into your interior this autumn


An orchid is not just an indoor plant; it’s a piece of art. And that’s how we should treat it! So, don’t just place it on the windowsill, but choose a carefully considered spot in your home. Orchids on a pedestal, combined with paintings, on a stack of coffee table books, hung from the ceiling, and so on. Need examples? Here they are!

A lush arrangement as an eye-catcher on the coffee table:


natural design


Or on a stool in the corner, next to a lamp. The lamp will put the orchid in the spotlight!


natural design


Art meets art!


Een fijne thuiswerkplek maak je met orchideeën


Place a stack of coffee table books with an orchid on top. Hello, eye-catcher!



Running out of space? Go vertical by hanging orchids!



Last but certainly not least: there’s usually space for a piece of art on the dining table. Ensure the table is clutter-free and display a few statement pieces.



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