A Christmas arrangement to enjoy until the new year

In December, most homes are beautifully decorated with a Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments, and lots of lights. But in January, it’s all gone, making a home instantly less cozy. That’s why we came up with a Christmas arrangement that you can enjoy until the new year. Tip: this arrangement with orchids and ornaments also makes a great gift!


A Christmas arrangement

For this Christmas arrangement you’ll need: a large container, three orchids, moss, and ornaments. Place the orchids one by one in the container. Spread the moss over the pots, so you don’t see what’s underneath. Finally, place several ornaments on the moss. Voila! The Christmas arrangement with orchids and ornaments is complete. Check out the video below for a step-by-step guide:



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…to enjoy until the new year

Once the holidays are over, simply remove the ornaments from the arrangement. This way, you still have a beautiful orchid arrangement! Most people get rid of the Christmas tree and all the decorations on January 5th, but that often leaves a void. This way, you can still keep a bit of coziness in your home.


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