Orchid style ideas for a blooming Christmas table

Decorating your Christmas table with flowering plants like orchids can add a festive and natural touch to your Christmas decorations. Here are some ideas to incorporate orchids into your table decorations to steal the show at Christmas dinner this year. Read on and get inspired for orchid style ideas for a blooming Christmas table.


A dining table full of colour

The dining table is a place where you gather with loved ones. A place that, especially during the holidays, deserves extra attention and decoration! And what better way to do that than with orchids in warm, cheerful colours? For example, create smaller groups by combining the plants with twigs and candle holders.

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Want to really go all out? Then go for a centrepiece by putting several orchids together on the table.


Photo: Thejoyofplants.co.uk


Don’t have that much space on the table? Then you can also choose to put a beautiful piece next to the table. For example, in the windowsill, on a pillar or on a stool. This way you still have a beautiful decoration, but you can still easily see each other. And it leaves enough room for the food!





DIY Christmas place cards with orchids

Who sits where this Christmas? That is no longer a surprise with the homemade orchid name cards. With these original name badges, your guests will immediately know where to sit and there is a nice present waiting for them. Because afterwards, everyone can take home the mini orchid with their name on it, of course.

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Beauty that lasts

Orchids bloom for weeks, often for months. So, after the holidays, the orchids can just move to another spot. Or what about the spot where the Christmas tree was? That way you immediately have a nice filler for that empty post-Christmas spot.


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