A Christmas tree of orchids 

Do you already have a lot of orchids in your house and/or do you feel like going green? Then gather a lot of orchids and some wooden boxes together and create a Christmas tree of orchids. After the holidays, put the plants back in place or hand them out to your visitors as a souvenir of the holidays.

A Christmas tree of orchids



Whether you choose the tiger orchid or Dendrobium, every orchid shines in its own way. There are so many varieties that there is always an orchid to match your loved one. The petals of orchids are like works of art for your home.


Orchid care tips:

  • The plant likes light, but not the bright summer sun.
  • Immerse the roots weekly in water.
  • Spritz the leaves with water during the dry winter.
  • Feed once a month in winter, and twice a month during the rest of the year.


A Christmas tree of orchids 

Photo: Thejoyofplants.co.uk


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Source: Thejoyofplants.co.uk

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