Orchids in the bathroom for a tropical oasis of well-being

Although the bathroom is not one of the places where we spend several hours a day, it is one of the most important rooms in the house. This is where we start the day in the morning and this is where we spend the last minutes before going to bed every evening; we refresh ourselves under the shower or relax in a soothing bubble bath, come to rest and deal with ourselves. In the bathroom, the atmosphere should always be as pleasant as possible, serving our well-being and relaxation. But how do you create the spaces in these tiled and mostly functional spaces? Read this article to learn more about orchids in the bathroom for an oasis of well-being.



Orchids in the bathroom for a tropical oasis of well-being

Studies in recent years have shown that people are particularly good at reducing tension and regenerating faster when they look at plants. So what could be more obvious than decorating with natural green? Orchids, for example, are ideal for the bathroom! With their spectacular flowers, they bring color, elegance and exoticism into the room at the same time.


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High humidity and warmth are no problem

With over 25,000 species, orchids belong to the largest family in the plant kingdom. It is thanks to breeding successes that we can now decorate our homes with numerous of these beauties. Since most are originally native to tropical rainforests, they do well with bathrooms’ warmth and increased humidity. Another advantage: they like it bright, but don’t necessarily have to stand on the windowsill. This way you can give them a place in the bathroom where they look beautiful, while the bathroom window can remain free for regular airing.



The fact that there is relatively little space in many bathrooms is not a problem for orchids. They are about ten centimeters high, rising to about 45 centimeters. Orchids grow in a relatively small pot and do not grow particularly large. So even in the small bathrooms, they fit fine. Even with the smallest orchid, you will have an exotic flower bouquet for months. You could say: orchids transform any bathroom into an oasis of well-being!


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