How to brighten up your home office with orchids: 3 ideas

Plants are not only beautiful, they boost your concentration too. So they’re ideal for your home office! Does your workspace only consist of a desk and a chair? Then it’s time to make for a make-over! In this article we will share 3 tips that will not only boost your inspiration but also your concentration.

Brighten up your home office with orchids

Houseplants can help purify the air, provide more concentration, focus and productivity. They’re a must for a home office!

A Scandinavian home office

Currently, a Scandinavian home office style is very popular. And since this mainly consists of a lot of natural light, soft colours and natural materials, it’s not strange at all. Because a calm environment ensures that you can get to work without distractions. In addition, with such a calm base you can easily add a colour or item that makes you happy. For example an orchid in your favorite colour!


A plant shelf

Whether you have a separate room as a home office or a small desk in the living room or bedroom: plants come in all shapes and sizes. So there’s always something that fits! For example, hang a shelf above your desk and fill it with orchids. Not only does this look cool, it’s also beneficial for your health. Because the more greenery in the house, the better the air quality!



No room for a shelf full of plants? Then hang a few plants with a plant hanger.



Use orchids as a room divider

Do you share your home office with someone else or is your desk placed in the living room? Then use a large plant or place a number of orchids together as a room divider. This way you divide a room in two and you have a little more privacy. The leaves still let in enough daylight, so it won’t get harsh.



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