4 easy DIY Christmas decorations with orchids

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas! To bring the Christmas spirit into your home, we’ve compiled 4 easy DIY Christmas decorations. Because making them yourself gives them that personal touch. We all know December is busy enough, so they won’t take much time or effort. Read on quickly and get started!

4 easy DIY Christmas decorations with orchids


DIY ornament plant pot

Let’s start with the most unique one: a Christmas ornament plant pot! This is truly an example of a small effort with a big result, because you can make it in no time! Make sure you have a straight plant pot and then glue the ornaments of various sizes onto it. Try to cover as much of the original pot as possible. Let it dry for a bit and place an orchid inside. This will be the eye-catcher among all Christmas decorations at home!



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Festive table styling for Christmas

A Christmas dinner deserves a festive table styling. Decide on a colour palette first, as this provides guidance when making choices. Start with a beautiful tablecloth and a complete set of dishes. Use accessories to complete the table – preferably the ones you made yourself, like the ornament plant pot mentioned above!



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DIY Christmas arrangement with orchids and ornaments

A plant arrangement looks so beautiful, that it automatically makes you think it must be a lot of work. But nothing could be further from the truth! In the video below, you’ll see that it actually just takes three simple steps. And, this Christmas arrangement with orchids and ornaments is a great gift too!



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Gift wrapping with orchids

Lastly, let’s tackle the gifts! Wrapping a gift is one thing, but making it truly special is another. To make the moment of giving extra special, we use the flowers of an orchid. Wrap the gift in the usual way, then tie two ribbons around it and wedge an orchid flower between them. Check out the video below for the end result:



Make your gifts extra special with an Orchid flower #giftwrappingideas #wrappinggifts #giftwrapidea #orchidflower #orchidlovers

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