Give yourself an energy boost with orchids

Orchids are not just beautiful plants to behold; they are also air-purifying, stress-reducing, and energizing. Feeling a bit drained lately? Then you’ll surely benefit from these tips to give yourself an energy boost with orchids. Enjoy!

Give yourself an energy boost with orchids


From bathroom to spa

Take a morning to transform your bathroom into a spa. Fill up the tub, use your favourite bath salts, play some soothing music, light some candles, and place a few orchids around – if they weren’t there already. Studies in recent years have shown that people experience less tension when they look at plants. Perfect for your home spa! And with their spectacular blooms, they bring colour, elegance, and an exotic touch to the bathroom. Additionally, orchids thrive in bathrooms due to the high humidity. Most orchid species originate from tropical rainforests, so they appreciate the moist environment. Just make sure there’s enough natural light coming into the bathroom.

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Caring for your orchids

After pampering yourself in your home spa, it’s time to focus on your orchids! Remove dead leaves, dust off the green leaves so they can absorb enough sunlight again and water your orchid. By caring for your plants with full attention, you can momentarily forget about everything else. Your orchids will be grateful, and they’ll show it by growing even more beautifully. Altogether, this will make you feel better too!


orchideeën in badkamer


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