Chef Yuri Verbeek

““My prediction is that edible flowers will be the latest trend in the culinary world. An edible flower as garnish will replace the traditional sprig of parsley.

Flowers and food make a fantastic combination. It’s logical really, since in both cases you’re dealing with natural products. And with two worlds which are all about the experience.

Not everyone realises that flowers and cookery are so closely linked. I found out about it when I was working on the International Food Floral Fashion Show with floral artist Pim van den Akker and fashion designer Aziz Bekkaoui. This is a spectacle of image, light, sound and flavour in which we combine fashion, flowers, plants and food.

I made appetisers to match the most fantastic dresses, including one which incorporated orchids. You can buy edible orchids from culinary wholesalers nowadays. They make a great ingredient – comparable to firm, crispy lettuce.

The show was a great success. There were 250 guests, and a lot of international fashion and food journalists attended. But there were also ambassadors and people from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Netherlands is simply a world class player when it comes to flowers and plants.

I find it fun and educational to combine flowers and plants with the world of cookery. Restaurants could still greatly improve the plant and flower arrangements in their premises. This remains a neglected area. You create atmosphere and a fresh experience with plants as well. And the orchid fits perfectly into the culinary world. It still has a lot more to offer.”

Yuri Verbeek
Chef and author of cookery books

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