Enjoy an orchid moment

Nespresso is a coffee-making system developed by Nestlé. The name is a blend of the company name and the word ‘espresso’. Special limited edition coffee varieties are offered every year. Nespresso recently launched three new grand crus (coffee varieties) at the editorial offices of Sanoma and Hearst. Each grand cru was presented in its own mood room, furnished with orchids in the same colour as the new capsule.

The smell of coffee is delicious, and triggers a particular attitude and mood. The use of orchids in the same colour as the new capsules reinforced the appropriate mood and attitude for each individual grand cru. The mood rooms were admired by more than 40 editorial staff from media such as Libelle, VT Wonen, Margriet, Flair, Viva, Marie Claire, Elle Wonen, Cosmopolitan, Nouveau and  Santé.

Orchid moment
We all do it: enjoying a cup of coffee at work, whilst catching up with a friend or just in the comfort of your own home. Have you enjoyed the various exotic orchids in your home in the same way? Bring conviviality into the house with an orchid. In the same way that coffee brings conviviality together with something relaxing, whilst also invigorating us. Which orchid will liven up your living room? You can choose from a very diverse range of exotic orchids. Every flower is a feast for the eye, and a beautiful enhancement for your living room. Perfect for enjoying your orchid moment.

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