Famous hat designer reveals Orchid Hat Collection and receives own orchid

Philip Treacy is the world’s most renowned hat designer. He has designed for royalty and can claim pop royalty, such as Madonna and Lady Gaga among his clientele. Now he is working together with orchid cultivators in the Netherlands at their request, to design a hat under the title ‘Art of Life,’ focused on the ‘Queen of Plants.’ Inspired by different orchids, he designed three strikingly beautiful hats.

Thursday September 5 2013,Treacy revealed his ‘Orchid Hat Collection’ in Amsterdam, demonstrating how elegant, fashionable and versatile the orchid is. This is part of the ‘Day of the Orchid,’ which is organized by the ‘Art of Life’ collaboration for the second year in a row. Because every ‘Queen’ deserves her own day, in turn, the ‘Philip Treacy Orchid’ was revealed on the 5th as well!


A few months ago, Dutch orchid cultivators approached Philip Treacy to collaborate for the ‘Day of the Orchid.’ He did not hesitate: “When the ‘Art of Life’ approached me, I immediately answered positively. Orchids are my favorite flower and they are often a source of inspiration for my collections. For inspiration for the new hats, I invited the cultivators and their orchids into my studio. I was overwhelmed by their diversity of colours, shapes and patterns. I was initially intending to design one hat, but I found that it did not reflect the beautiful variations of the orchid. Because of this, I decided to design three hats, based on the three orchids that grabbed me the most. The white Phalaenopsis, through its simple and elegant blossoms in combination with its radiant white colour. The blue Vanda, because it is one of the most striking orchids and in my opinion, it is one of the most evolved. And the yellow Oncidium, which is known as the ‘dancing orchid,’ because some of its flowers resemble dancing dolls and some of its flowers look like a shower of gold. Each orchid has its own unique character and they truly inspired me.”

Philip Treacy Orchid

Dutch orchid growers are honored that a hat designer of Phlip Treacy’s caliber collaborated with them for the ‘Day of the Orchid’ and used his talent to express the diversity of the flower. Therefore, they are honouring him with their own special creation: a new orchid named the Philip Treacy Orchid. This new orchid is officially registered as part of the Cascade orchid family, also called the Waterfall Orchid, because it is curved and full of blossoms that resemble a waterfall. The Philip Treacy Orchid’s petals are white with small pink fuchsia stripes. The lip and the center of the orchid are a combination of white and soft yellow. This orchid is originally from Taiwan and it was discovered about two years ago. The Philip Treacy orchid is a real eye catcher, just like the plant’s namesake.

The Day of the Orchid
The ‘Queen of Plants’ deserves her own celebration, which is the basis for the annual ‘Day of the Orchid,’ that takes place on the first Thursday of September. On this day, which is being celebrated for the second year in a row, the orchid is placed in the spotlight and is honored for its diversity and beauty. In 2012, the orchid was celebrated with an Ode to strong women that matches the strong and elegant character of the flower. In 2013, the focus is on the orchid as more than a plant, rather it is the perfect accessory for the home. Just as fashion accessories make women extra radiant, orchids make the home extra special. This is the basis for collaboration with Philip Treacy.

The ‘Orchid Hat Collection’ consists of three orchid-inspired hats and is designed especially for the ‘Day of the Orchid.’ They are available for order via the Philip Treacy studio. The ‘Philip Treacy Orchid’ is currently limited, but it will become more readily available soon.

Philip Treacy about the Orchid

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