François Hannes: ‘Orchids are very frivolous’

“Sennah Studio has now been in existence for 10 years. We design and create interiors. Thinking up things that can be done differently and better – that’s what we do.”

Creating sketches, producing drawings, attending construction meetings through to the ‘finishing touch’ with decoration and planting; we manage the process from A to Z. We have developed our own style, our lines are particularly praised. Our designs are fairly serene. The trick is to design a basis which is correct, so that you have a particularly atmosphere even without the furniture.

Whether I am designing an interior for a home or a restaurant, I think it’s important to bring nature indoors. Nothing works better to break up stark lines than a plant or orchid. Orchids are very frivolous and they are always associated with a certain standard.

We recently had the opportunity to redesign the interior of the Michelin-starred restaurant Kaatje bij de Sluis. There is one fresh white rose on every table, and there are aubergine-coloured orchids on the windowsills. Those appear to be details, but they lend a very special mood to the interior. A chunk of the experience is missing if you remove those flowers.

I will rarely include flowers or plants in a design in advance, because styling is the last thing you do. Only then can you see what the space needs. Sometimes I have a selection of flowers, plants and decoration materials brought in. Then we start applying them until we get the sense of ‘yes’!”

François Hannes
Interior architect

François Hannes is passionate and driven by beauty. His style of working and design and are being appreciated by an ever-growing group of people, both nationally and internationally.

His creativity, no-nonsense attitude, commitment and architectural insight make him a top class designer.

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