Guerlain & the orchid

The journey from orchid to skincare product

Cosmetics house Guerlain has its own orchidarium. They grow their own long lasting orchids in order to use their extracts in their Orchidée Impériale cosmetic line.

Orchids: beautiful inside and out
Orchids grow in the wild, in the rainforest, before they end up in your home in a vase. They can grow there to be eighty and still look fresh, due to their high resistance to damaging climate influences and anti-inflammatory characteristics. So, they thought at Guerlain, would that work for our skin as well?

Guerlain’s orchidarium
Guerlain grows in their own orchidarium in Geneve and a nature reserve in TianZi (China) special orchids, which they are studying in the laboratory. It appears after more than 10 years of research that indeed: in the orchid are elements which can reduce the effects of skin ageing and repair the moisture in the skin. What is really great is that Guerlain can take this extract out of the flower and add it to their cosmetics.

Skincare line Orchidée Impériale
The long life of the orchid is taken from the orchidarium, via the laboratory and ends up in your bathroom. The skincare line Orchidée Impériale promises you a skin which is full, firm, smooth and supple, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. You can read more about the Orchidarium on the Guerlain website.

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