Keukenhof Presents Unprecedented Orchid-idea Show

This year, 30 inspiring flower shows will constitute a major part of the Keukenhof garden in Lisse, the Netherlands. The orchid-idea show in the Beatrix Pavilion is the largest in Europe, in which many Dutch orchid growers exhibit their most beautiful plants.

Arranger Dries Lecke has positioned a magnificent arrangement in a light, glass-enclosed environment. The creation of a pallet of colours in this unique presentation is without equal. Behold the immense chandelier with its decorative green Cymbidiums, or sit in front of a bench of Phalaenopsis. Try on the high-fashion dress embellished with Paphiopedilum and admire the florid necklace. The plentiful vases, overflowing with the most exotic types of orchids, complete the picture of the extensive orchid family.

Voting by a professional panel of judges and visitors 
A professional panel of judges will select the most beautiful plant of the orchid-idea show as the winner of the Keukenhof Award. Visitors can also express their views by choosing their favourite orchid from among the many varieties on display.

The weekend of 4 and 5 May 2013 is the so-called orchid weekend at Keukenhof. During that weekend, extra attention will go into presenting the Queen of Plants to visitors in an original and inspiring way.

On view until 20 May
Whether you want to see Princess Phalaenopsis, Vamp Vanda or Femme Fatale Paphiopedilum, they will all be on exhibit until 20 May next at Keukenhof in Lisse. Besides being the most beautiful, unique spring park in the world, for over 60 years Keukenhof has also provided the background for some of the most dazzling photos ever taken.

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