Holding onto summer with tropical orchids

Autumn is approaching, and that means summer is nearly coming to an end. While some can’t wait for autumn or even winter, others wish they could extend the summer season just a little bit longer. Do you fall into the latter category? If so, keep reading for our tips on how to keep the summer spirit alive a bit longer at home with tropical orchids!

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Holding onto summer with tropical orchids

An easy way to prolong the summer atmosphere at home is by introducing tropical orchids. Thanks to their lush, exotic appearance, they create a summery ambience year-round! There are thousands of different orchid species, and they come in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes.

For example in pink and orange, a combination that instantly brings a summery feel to your home:



Yellow, the colour of the sun, is also a great choice!



Or create an arrangement consisting of various orchid types in various summery colours. Thanks to the different shapes and heights, this becomes a beautiful summer centrepiece!


Orchid: beauty that lasts


You can create the orchid summer piece in a bowl or in a cute crate. Both options provide a completely different atmosphere at home.


Voici comment confectionner une superbe composition avec des orchidées


So decide which types of orchids remind you of summer and place them in your home. You can explore the various types on this page.


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