Let your home flourish this summer with the orchid

Summer is almost setting in and the UK is more than ready.  House cleaning is in its full swing, while gardens are being prepared for those cozy warm nights. In order to mark the summer the right way, one’s interior can use a boost as well. With its tropical look and feel, an orchid can brighten up any room in the blink of an eye. With 25.000 species on offer, finding the proper match to your living style will be anything but hard. Besides, the exotic plant is inextricably linked to the newest living trends. The colorful orchid is idyllic for outside venues and is the perfect opportunity to create a botanical image or a flowery mini-expo.  

Botanical living
Nature brings peace and moments of perfect solitude. With the aim of implementing nature into our living room, we preferably choose luxurious plants, plant prints and green tints. The orchid fits this botanical picture like a glove. Step away from choosing just one orchid for your interior for a moment and instead cluster them together in different pots.  Or plant them in a hanging pot or one with legs, thus emphasizing that green feeling just a little bit more.

Choose color
The orchid is also perfectly in line with this year’s color trends – ochre gold and soft pink. Take the Cattleyas for example; it comes in many colors, including yellow, and spreads a delicious scent in the house. The Phalaenopsis, either with its honey-sweet pink tint or soft yellow color, is very suitable here as well. Same goes for the Cymbidium, which is originally from the Himalaya and is available in a vivid yellow color and a soft pink tint. The latter actually turns out to be surprisingly feasible in August on the balcony or in the garden.

Enjoying the orchid outside
Enjoying the orchid in and around the house in the summer months the best way possible? In outdoor space the orchid is also one to watch; the Garden Orchid is a perennial plant with its roots in North-America, Russia, China and Japan. The Garden Orchid is well equipped for the winter, can handle severe frost and turns into a wonderful plant with beautiful flowers for the ultimate pleasure in the summer.

Flowery mini-expo
Something completely different from using pots and vases comes down to saving the orchid in a box of glass as a special fragrant treasure. Get going with various boxes of glass and style several sorts and colors of orchids in those boxes, thereby creating your own in-house mini exposition. Beautiful for your salon table, but certainly also appealing as a vibrant present.
The orchid makes sure that one can enjoy its gracious appearance, delicious scent and vivid colors every season. Definitely choose the orchid more often in and around the house, so as to enjoy this special, many-sided flower. We “feel better around orchids” for a reason.

About the campaign ‘We feel better around orchids’
This material is produced originally on behalf of a program which is co-financed by the European Union between 2016-2018.

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