Orchid enjoys royal status

Orchid enjoys royal status

The orchid is called the ‘Queen Of Flowers’. And many royals and other celebrities are mad about the flower!

That love is not restricted to admiring and enjoying orchids in a vase. Princes, princesses, First Ladies and other VIPs are more than happy to lend their name to a beautiful cultivar.

Men as well

Queen Elizabeth has done it, and Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton have also given their name to an orchid. Don’t think that it’s just women either: Nelson Mandela and Sir Elton John are also members of this select club.

Royal couple

In 2012 the naming of orchids entered a new phase, when a white and red variety was given the name of two people. Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton, who had married the year before, lent both their names to this orchid.


The Dutch royal family have not (yet) given their name to an orchid, but they are very familiar with this exotic flower, as depicted on a beautiful silk fan which can be found in the Royal Archives. The fan is painted in delicate pastel shades with singing birds and beautiful orchids. It was presented to Queen Emma in about 1890. More than a hundred years later Queen Beatrix gave the fan as a gift to the then Princess Máxima. In the unfortunate event that there are no fresh orchids in the Royal residence Villa Eikenhorst, the current queen can still enjoy the beauty of the ‘Queen of Flowers’ thanks to this fan!

Silk fan with beautiful orchids and singing birds

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