Phalaenopsis Orchid, Houseplant of the month

In December the Phalaenopsis Orchid is the Houseplant of the month. This delightful orchid with slender stems, shiny leaves and butterfly-like flowers brings style, class and a touch of Asia.

Flowers like butterflies
Phalaenopsis comes from the Greek ‘phalaina’ (moth) and ‘opsis’ (like). The flowers do actually look like flying moths, which is why it is also called the Moth Orchid. The flowers can be found in purple, pink, salmon, white, yellow and even blue and often have creatively spotted or striped patterns. The heart of the flower also has a protruding ‘under lip’.

All the way from Asia and Australia
The Phalaenopsis Orchid has lots of travel experience. The plant was discovered around 1700 in the tropical rainforests of Asia and Australia and explorers brought it back with them to Western Europe. The orchid naturally grows in trees or on rocks, but is equally happy on your window sill or desk.

Enjoy your Phalaenopsis Orchid for a long time
This is how you can enjoy your Phalaenopsis Orchid for longer: place the Phalaenopsis Orchid in a position with enough light, but avoid bright sunlight between April and October. Submerge the pot once every 7 to 10 days, for 1 minute in (rain) water. If you have the central heating on, spray the leaves with water regularly. In addition you can add orchid fertilizer to the soil once a month from November to February and twice a month for the rest of the year. Your Phalaenopsis Orchid will love this.

Houseplant of the month
The Phalaenopsis Orchid takes centre stage this month as Houseplant of the month of December 2014. Houseplant of the month is an initiative of the Flower Council of Holland. Each month the Flower Council, in collaboration with representatives from the horticultural sector, chooses a plant which is well liked by the consumer, or isn’t known very well (yet) but has the potential to do well in the living room.

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