Pressrelease 3D Orchid Cloud

Today, 4 September, is the International Day of the Orchid. Orchids, the most diverse natural beauties amongst plants, will literally and figuratively be in the spotlight today. At the request of the pot orchid growers that our country can boast, the internationally renowned 3D Artist Janne Kyttanen has created a remarkable artwork consisting of150 orchids in 3D pots. This 3D Orchid Cloud, which is5.1metres long and 1.5 metres high, was presented at Felix &Foam – a temporary collaboration between the Foamphotography museum, Frame and restaurant Foyer. The artwork is on display until Sunday, after which it is expected to tour international museums.

150 orchids from all Dutch growers
The 3D Orchid Cloud was spectacularly unveiled in front of an invited audience at Felix &Foam, where the orchids merged in a natural way with the hottest ‘tech trend’ of the moment: 3D printing. The ‘Orchid Cloud’ is a co-creation by international 3Dartists led by the Finnish 3D guru Janne Kyttanen and the practitioners of the art of growing pot orchids united under the banner of ‘Art of Life’ (all the Dutch orchid growers). The 150Dutch growers each sent their finest orchid to the Keizersgracht,after which floral artist Pim van den Akker was responsible forstyling the 150 orchids featured in the artwork. He allocated a position in the Cloud to the Colour of the Year 2014, Radiant Orchid. Anyone wishing to be inspired by ‘Design meets Nature’ can do so at Felix & Foam until next Sunday.

Dutch growers are Europe’s orchid champions
Following in the footsteps of designers such as Jan Taminiau, Jan Jansen and Philip Treacy, the British milliner who was responsible for the design for the Day of the Orchid 2013, it is now the turn of the Finn Janne Kyttanen to work with Art ofLife: the association of orchid growers in the Netherlands. Every year Art of Life invites an internationally renowned artist to be inspired by the versatility of the orchid and to create a design specifically for 4 September. Many people are unaware that Dutch growers are Europe’s orchid champions. Every week the growers deliver some 1.5 million mature orchids, which make their way to the consumer via auctions or contracts. 90% of all the orchids in Europe come from Dutch greenhouses. There are currently enough greenhouses filled with plants in Holland to cover some 500 football pitches.

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