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Unveiling of new interior accessory for orchids

Inspired by Salone del Mobile, international designer Roderick Vos presents a style guide for interiors in collaboration with orchid growers from Art of Life. The images each combine modern design, on-trend colours and orchids in their own way. Roderick Vos, known for the Bucketlight plant light, is also launching his limited edition new interior accessory: the ORQUID. This is yet another design with which he approaches plants in the interior in an unusual way: “An orchid hanging at eye level gives the most viewing pleasure!”

The style guide

“‘How do I get that orchid off the table?’ That was my first thought when I was asked to design an exclusive interior accessory for orchids. This inspired me to develop a complete style guide for orchids in collaboration with Art of Life,” says Roderick Vos. The interiors images in the style guide are grouped into three trends: ‘The Reformer’, ‘The Architect’ and ‘The Expressionist’. The online edition of the guide is available in four languages and is inspired by Europe’s leading interiors trade show: Salone del Mobile. The versatile and multicoloured orchid plays the lead role within each trend.

Plants in the interior
Plants make a positive contribution to the living and working environment. They emit oxygen, keep the air clean and improve productivity, according to Roderick Vos: “That’s why you will find an enormous vertical wall of plants in my design studio in Den Bosch; it creates the feeling of a sheltered courtyard garden. It’s amazing to surround yourself with nature. Orchids are perfect for this. They are unique and remarkably diverse plants. The multicoloured nature attracts attention in any interior. Particularly if you take the time to put different orchids together; that shows the plants at their best. They then act almost like a painting in the interior.”

From Jan Taminiau to Roderick Vos
Following in the footsteps of designers such as Jan Taminiau, Jan Jansen and Philip Treacy, it is now Roderick Vos’s turn to work with Art of Life – the association of orchid growers in the Netherlands. Roderick has previously worked with companies including Linteloo, Designonstock and Moooi. This collaboration did not come entirely out of the blue. Roderick Vos lived and worked in Indonesia for a long time. “In the jungles of Irian Jaya the tiger orchid with its raceme of flowers up to 3 metres in length made a massive impression on me. But I’m also affected by the fact that you can find more than 2,500 species of orchid there, and that those plants have been around for 80 million years. Isn’t it fascinating that we still have the descendants of these plants in our homes and offices?”

View the online style guide and the image material online in the Art of Life press room:

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