An infinite variety of magnificent flowers

The beautiful orchid has so many faces that it simply doesn’t get boring. Of the more than 25,000 species of orchid that can be encountered in the wild, there are some that look particularly beautiful in our homes. You could also say: with orchids you’ll have an infinite variety of magnificent flowers!

Infinite variety of magnificent flowers


Colors and shapes

The leaves of the orchid are not particularly striking in most species – it’s the flowers of this plant that are the real eye-catchers. Orchids are usually arranged in racemes and can be tiny or up to a metre in size. Whether in the form of a few large flowers, as with the classic butterfly orchid (Phalaenopsis), or as a sea of small flowers, as with the tiger orchid, all are enchanting works of nature’s art that you can enjoy for a long time. Other popular varieties include Miltonia, Dendrobium and Paphiopedilum.




In ancient Greece, the orchid was the symbol of fertility and virility. Now in Europe, the orchid is a symbol of beauty, wealth and strength.


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Orchids probably evolved around 120 million years ago. More than 25,000 species are now known – and this number only continues to increase. In the wild, the orchid grows mainly on trees, in rock crevices and on moss. The orchid occurs in nature almost everywhere in the world – especially in Germany, where there are about 60 different wild species!


Orchid care tips:

  • The plant likes light, but not the bright summer sun
  • Immerse the roots weekly in water
  • Spritz the leaves with water during the dry winter
  • Feed once a month in winter, and twice a month during the rest of the year





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