Nicolas Cloutier is fascinated by the orchid

Perfumer and co-founder of Nose Store Nicolas Cloutier is fascinated by the orchid: “The orchid is a very mysterious flower that fascinates me. The flower has a sexual connotation due to what it looks like and in literature. This makes me think of Proust, who used the expression ‘make Cattleya’ whenever he talked about love. These flowers, some of which smell a bit of vanilla and greenery, grow in trees, as if from an enchanted forest, like in our imagination.

Nicolas Cloutier is fascinated by the orchid


The orchid in its natural habitat

The orchid has a prominent spot at Nose, including in the jasmine we have outside as if it were in its natural habitat. At home, I have jasmine in the bathroom, where they get enough light, not too direct, and it is nice and humid. The Cattleya is my favourite, because of what Proust said about it… and that inspires me tremendously!”, said Nicolas Cloutier.


Nose Store

Nicolas Cloutier, co-founder of Nose Store. Nose is a beauty concept store and webshop, which focuses solely on designer brands and one main idea: diagnosing the right perfume for the customer.


Nicolas Cloutier


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