‘Virtual Plant Bathing’ to mark the International Day of the Orchid.

‘Virtual Plant Bathing’ amidst the orchids! The ultimate sense of joy and peace is now just a click away for orchid fans. Orchidsinfo.eu presents the ultimate virtual experience amidst the orchids: an interactive 360 degree video of the ‘Orchid Room’ amongst opulent greenery with 8D audio effects which can be accessed by anyone with a computer, smartphone or VR goggles.

Thanks to the 8D audio effects users will literally feel that they are in the jungle – the place from which orchids originate. With 8D audio it feels like the sounds are happening in the space itself rather than entering the ears through headphones.

Experience the virtual ‘Orchid Room’ for yourself on 3 September, and celebrate the International Day of the Orchid with us! View the teaser here: https://youtu.be/ZToIJkRhjHw

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