An ode to the orchid on International Orchid Day

As the ‘Queen of the plant kingdom’, the orchid even has its own day. International Orchid Day takes place annually on the first Thursday of September. During this special event, we celebrate the plant in all its beauty and versatility. In 2023, International Orchid Day will be celebrated on September 7th. A good occasion to talk about orchids.

An ode to the orchid on International Orchid Day


Beauty that lasts

Besides the easy care, orchids also have a long flowering period. Orchids easily bloom for six to eight weeks, and some varieties even bloom for months. You can enjoy its beautiful appearance, lovely fragrance and vibrant colours every season.



Natural style icon

For decades, the plant has been incredibly popular. Millions of households worldwide are decorated with orchids. With more than 25,000 different orchid types, there is plenty of beauty to choose from. With spectacular colours, exciting shapes and breathtaking flowers, the orchid is obviously no ordinary plant. The orchid adds instant allure to a room and is, against all odds, a very easy plant.



Easy care

With the right tips and tricks, it is quite easy to keep orchids healthy and beautiful and enjoy them for months. The important thing is that the orchid gets plenty of light, without direct sunlight and is watered weekly by, for example, dipping the pot in water for about 5 – 10 minutes. Orchids can flower several times a year. So besides being a low-maintenance plant, it is also a very sustainable plant.

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