The orchid from bird to maturity (phase 6)

From birth to maturity

The search for perfection requires patience. Breeders produce thousands of new hybrids every year. The period from the initial selection to the inclusion of an orchid in the range covers some 8 to 10 years. So it takes a while before a particular orchid variety ends up in the living room!

This year we will follow the orchid from selection through to cultivation into a beautiful mature plant. We would like to use video images to show how the orchid is born and grows into a magnificent houseplant.

Phase 6: delivery and in store

A flowering orchid that has been grown with care is a valuable asset. Two years has passed from the time of arrival at the nursery to the departure. So it makes sense that the final step, the journey from the nursery to the customer’s home, is also the subject of care and attention.

And that requires a human touch, as this film shows. If an unsightly leaf has been left on, it’s neatly removed. And plenty of care is also paid to the packaging. Every plant is placed into a sleeve individually. That’s particularly to protect the vulnerable flowers.

The orchids go onto the truck on special shipping trolleys. Those trolleys are wrapped in film, again for protection. Without wrapping the branches would extend outside the trolley and get damaged or broken.

The orchids grown in the Netherlands make their all over Europe in trucks.
There are many sales channels. You can find orchids in garden centres, at supermarkets and – of course – at specialist florists.

For its journey from the shop to the home it is again important that the orchid is properly packaged. Once at home, the main thing is to enjoy the plant. An orchid does not require much care. Just immersing it – preferably in tepid water – once a week is enough. Some food once a month improves the lifespan. Which means that you can spend even longer enjoying this peerless plant.

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