Tim van Leipsig

“I’m already buzzing with excitement. I have been travelling all over the world doing shows for more than 25 years – I was 14 when I went along with my father for the first time  – but what’s going to happen on May 31st is still very special.

We will be staging the world’s first ‘tweetjam’ with flowers. Together with three other international arrangers I’ll be allowed to ‘tweetjam’ with orchids in the theatre in Villa Flora at Floriade. ‘Jamming’ is free improvisation, just like in musicians’ jam sessions. And ‘tweet’ refers to the fact that we will be ‘tweeting’ on Twitter and so can give an immediate report on this spectacle.

I’m already really excited about it. At the average flower show you always have to work within certain boundaries and frameworks, here we can really cut loose. No limits, in other words, and we are going to really let our hair down. You can be sure that beautiful things are going to happen when you let four creatives loose on a stage. Particularly because orchids are also a fantastic product, both to work with and because of their superior lifespan.

The theatre at Floriade can seat 250 visitors. Because we will be making extensive use of the social media, our jam can be followed by flower lovers all over the world. That makes it extra exciting. And utterly contemporary. I personally am also making more and more use of Twitter and Facebook for my shows and for my flower shop.

During the ‘tweetjam’ I will definitely also be sharing my ‘secret tip’ with the audience. When an orchid has nearly finished flowering, and there is just one beautiful flower left on the plant, I cut it off. I place that stem in hot water, and then it’ll easily last another fortnight. Isn’t that great? I wonder whether my colleagues know this tip. Well I’ll find out on May 31st …’

Tim van Leipsig

International flower designer

The Tweetjam on Thursday May 31st starts at 1.00 p.m. and lasts until 3.00 p.m.
It takes place in the theatre in Villa Flora.
The unique demonstration with orchids can also be followed on the Internet via a live stream. Go to www.orchidsinfo.eu.

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