How to tell when your orchid needs water

When caring for an orchid, you don’t want to overwater it. Because excess water in the pot can cause the roots to rot. In general, watering once a week is sufficient during the summer, and once every two weeks in the winter. But since every plant has different needs, it’s always best to check whether your orchid needs water first. We’ll tell you a very handy trick!

How to tell when your orchid needs water

By looking at the roots, you can tell if your orchid needs water. The colour of the roots is the best indication for determining whether your orchid has sufficient moisture. If the roots are a healthy green colour, your orchid is sufficiently watered and doesn’t need any more water at this time. If the roots are greyish-white, your orchid isn’t receiving enough water.


There are two methods of watering your orchid:

  • Immerse it in water: remove the orchid from the decorative pot and place it in a container with water for 5 – 10 minutes, so the plant can absorb the water. Take the plant out, let it drain and place it back in the decorative pot. Preferably do this once a week.
  • Water it: pour about 60 ml of water on the soil in the pot of the orchid.

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In this video you can watch the steps above:


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