You often see the phalaenopsis or dendrobium, which is not surprising because you can buy them at many shops! Yet many people don’t dare, because there is a big misconception that orchids are difficult to care for. A great pity, because it is super easy! With a little time and these 4 general tips, your orchid will last for years!

1.      Keep an eye on the sun
A phalaenopsis or dendrobium should be placed in a place where there is enough light, but avoid the bright sun, especially in the summer months.
Are the leaves turning yellow? This could be a sign of too much direct sunlight. On the other hand, dropping flower buds or dark green leaves indicate a possible lack of light.

2.     Temperature
A phalaenopsis or dendrobium does not like draughts and should not be placed near the central heating. An orchid feels best at a temperature between 20°C and 22°C.

3.     Immerse
Immerse the pot in a bucket for a minute. Allow the plant to drain thoroughly after immersing, this will allow the excess water to run off. The orchid can then easily go seven days without water.

Rainwater is better than tap water which contains (too) much lime. It is best to water early in the day. In the winter months when the heating is on, it is a good idea to spray the orchid with water regularly to ensure that the humidity does not drop too low.

No time to immerse your orchid? Pour the water on the soil in the pot, not in the heart of the plant. Always use water that is at room temperature.

4.     Nutrition
Orchid nutrition can be bought at the garden center or DIY store. A phalaenopsis or dendrobium does not need much nutrition, once a month is enough. Read the packaging carefully to see what quantities have to be given each time.

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