Does your teacher deserve top marks?

With everything that teachers have to cope with nowadays, they deserve more appreciation than they get. We expect them to teach our children with enthusiasm and passion every day. Let’s support them by marking this for once. The ‘Top Marks for the Teacher’ campaign urges parents to encourage their child to take a bouquet or plant to school for their teacher as a sign of this appreciation.

This social objective fits with Unesco’s ‘Teachers’ Day’ initiative, which takes place on 7 October this year. Which is why the organisers of ‘Top Marks for the Teacher’ have opted for this date. “So give you child a bouquet or plant to bring to school for the teacher on 7 October. That will show teachers the appreciation they deserve!” The organisers feel that flowers and plants are the perfect gift for expressing appreciation. “Flowers and plants are generally placed in the best spot, and you need to look after these products well. Teachers deserve the same! So we would pose this challenge to all parents and children: teach your children about appreciation and how to express it. Make your teacher happy with a bouquet or a plant or just a nice drawing. It will brighten everyone’s day.”

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